2013 Men’s Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Josh Hamilton Authentic Alternate Red Cool Base Jersey.Fans, players react to news of Boston explosions

Baseball could only sit and watch as the brutal realities of society came to the fore Monday, and the sport was stunned by the horror of it all.

The two explosions that rocked the finish line of Monday’s Boston Marathon and reportedly killed three people and injured over 100 more took place about a mile from Fenway Park, where less than an hour before, the Red Sox had beaten the Tampa Bay Rays, 3-2, and celebrated a Patriots Day and Jackie Robinson Day victory.

Major League Baseball tweeted from its official account, @MLB, “Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the tragic events in Boston.”

The Red Sox were en route to Boston’s Logan International Airport when the news broke, and the club confirmed that the team has safely landed in Cleveland. Tweets from the players began to show that this news would shape the day and would not soon be forgotten.

“Praying for those effected [sic] by the explosions at the marathon,” outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury tweeted, adding a hashtag of #Godblessboston. His teammate, Shane Victorino, tweeted, “Very sad to hear the news coming out of Boston. Horrific. My thoughts and prayers to all those involved.”

The Red Sox were busy getting to Cleveland, but right outside the old ballpark, Bostonians could hear what was going on in Copley Square, just a few T stops from the Kenmore Square station that serves as the final stop for Sox fans on Josh Hamilton Jersey Angels game day.

Sirens blared, helicopters buzzed overhead and televisions in the bars near Yawkey Way played out the inescapable images to sullen, teary-eyed viewers as others ran to attend to their suddenly altered lives with cell phones glued to their ears or raised aloft in attempts to get better signals.

“We were sitting at [a bar called] Who’s on First,” said Robert Francis Gailes, a Red Sox fan from Lee, Mass. “All of a sudden, we heard this bomb went off. Two of our friends have people running in the race.”

Red Sox designated hitter and city icon David Ortiz hasn’t been with the Red Sox lately. The man they call “Big Papi” is rehabbing the Achilles injury that ended his 2012 season early, and he weighed in from Pawtucket, R.I., where he’s with the club’s Triple-A affiliate working his way back to the Majors.

“I’m kind of angry,” Ortiz said. “Whoever did this is insane. People are trying to raise money to get people healthy [by running the marathon]. This isn’t a day to pick to do things like that. This is a big day for Boston and the nation in general.

“It’s horrible when you see things like this happen. I’m watching the news and I can’t believe it. I can’t believe it.”

Josh Hamilton Los Angeles Angels Jersey.  Ortiz said he had been receiving text messages all day.

“I had people from my country [the Dominican Republic] texting me, asking am I OK, am I OK, am I OK?, because that’s right around the corner from Fenway,” Ortiz said. “‘How is the family? We’re watching the news and everything’s going crazy.’

“It’s a bad day, man.”

Reds pitcher Bronson Arroyo was Ortiz’s teammate in Boston and was well aware of what the Boston Marathon and the fanfare surrounding it meant to the city and its people. He remembers pitching against the Blue Jays on Patriots Day and ending up at the finish line, where he waited with teammates Curt Schilling and Mike Timlin, whose wives ran in the race. Josh Hamilton Angels Jersey. 

“This is going to change the landscape of Marathon Monday in Boston, which is a huge deal,” Arroyo said. “It’s an event in Boston and close to home for everybody. It’s definitely sad.”

Down the hallway from Arroyo, in the visiting clubhouse at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati and preparing for a game against the Reds, a one-time Boston celebrity now pitching for the Phillies sat in silence with his teammates in front of the TV and tried to put words to the shock, although the blasts hit home for him … very close to home.

Jonathan Papelbon, who pitched for Boston for seven seasons, said he used to live above the Boston steakhouse Abe and Louie’s, located near the scene of one of the two deadly explosions, which The Associated Press reported took place about 100 yards from each other by the crowded finish line and resulted in an unspeakable scene of carnage.

“It’s sad, man,” Papelbon said. “Patriots Day is a big thing in Boston. Sox play at 11 o’clock. It’s all ruined. Families are ruined, lives are ruined. For what? It’s just sad.

“I’m looking at it right now and I’m like, ‘Damn, I used to live right there.'”

Josh Hamilton Authentic Jersey.Papelbon had not been able to reach friends and loved ones in the city, and he admitted that the situation is hard to even fathom right now.

“It’s kind of surreal,” he said. “I don’t know man, it’s crazy. … Hopefully the city can rally and make things better, but it’s going to be tough.”

Oakland A’s first baseman Nate Freiman knows that city well. He grew up in Wellesley, Mass., which is the halfway point of the marathon, and he spent many a Patriots Day morning downtown watching the runners go by.

“It’s such a huge deal, a big day there,” said Freiman, who was in constant contact with friends and family members all day. “It’s just awful what’s happened.”

Mets reliever Scott Atchison pitched for the Red Sox last year and couldn’t help but remember leaving the stadium via a different route on Marathan Monday because the roads to his home were blocked off.

“I still know so many people that are right there in that area,” Atchison said. “But as far as I know, everybody was all right that we know.”

Padres manager Bud Black also was fortunate. While en route to Dodger Stadium, where his team and the Dodgers were set to honor the life, legacy and impact on society of Jackie Robinson and then play a game, he learned of the explosions. His daughter, Jamie, lives two blocks from Fenway and Black could not get through to her when he tried to call her at first. He did, however, reach her by text and found out she was OK.

Elsewhere around the big leagues, players were chiming in with their prayers, condolences, sadness and shock. Several Dodgers, for example, offered their thoughts via Twitter.

“Thoughts and prayers to all of the victims and families of the #bostonmarathon,” tweeted reliever Brandon League. “Sick Sad World.”

Outfielder Matt Kemp tweeted, “Prayers go out to all affected by the explosions in Boston. #PrayForBoston,” while his teammate, former Red Sox first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, tweeted, “My prayers go out to the city of Boston! #prayforboston

Nationals manager Davey Johnson was far away from the site, readying his club for a game against the Marlins in Miami, and he communicated the collective feelings of all of baseball in light of such a sobering real-life event: that baseball is a Josh Hamilton Jersey game and a pastime, and it all seems unimportant on days like this.

“It’s just a terrible tragedy,” Johnson said. “Kind of brings things into perspective. It’s the world we live in. That’s the tough part. But we’ve got to go out there and perform, do our job.”

White Sox manager Robin Ventura echoed the sentiments shared by many when asked for his thoughts.

“I think it just always boggles your mind and you scratch your head,” Ventura said. “It doesn’t make any sense, ever. It’s just sad. I think anytime you see something like that, there is just no reason for it.”

Twins skipper Ron Gardenhire agreed, struggling to find words to describe it.

“It’s sad to see,” Gardenhire said. “I guess we’ll find more in the coming days what this all means. But it’s sad. People were just enjoying a race.”

For Rockies relief pitcher Adam Ottavino, the events of Monday served as a stark reminder to Sept. 11, 2001. Ottavino went to Berkeley Carroll High School in Brooklyn and was a sophomore that day.

He said he hopes, after a necessary period of grief and mourning, that people will soon resume their daily routines without fear of what might happen randomly while enjoying the fruits of freedom in public places.

“One of the worst things you can do is to hide and be scared, not live your life,” Ottavino said. “One of the big moments from 9/11 was when people started getting back to normal lives, playing baseball again, things like that. It’s good for America.”

Wearing No. 42 with pride, MLB honors Jackie 2013 Men’s Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Josh Hamilton Authentic Alternate Red Cool Base Jersey

Even without the matching No. 42 jerseys worn throughout baseball and without Monday’s pregame festivities across the country, Jackie Robinson’s historic legacy would have remained apparent around the baseball Josh Hamilton Jersey world.

One needs to look only at the on-field diversity to see it clearly.

But every year on April 15 — the anniversary of Robinson’s breaking the color barrier in 1947 — the baseball world spends a day reinforcing the importance of that legacy by celebrating Jackie Robinson Day.

In 1997, under the direction of Commissioner Bud Selig, Robinson’s No. 42 was retired across all of Major League Baseball in an unprecedented tribute. In recent years, players have honored Robinson by wearing that number on his day.


“You look out on the field, and everybody has 42 on with no last name. It’s just a special moment and a special day for baseball,” Nationals center fielder Denard Span said before the Nats-Marlins game in Miami. “And not just baseball — I think just for the United States as a whole, because he broke so many barriers, period, in baseball and other walks of life. He’s definitely a figure that should be celebrated forever.”

Dodger Stadium hosted the biggest fanfare of the evening, with a special video before the in-game tribute and a mini statue — featuring Robinson, Roy Campanella and Don Newcombe — handed out to the first 40,000 fans. On hand for the ceremonies were Jackie’s widow, Rachel; his daughter, Sharon; and his son, David.

The ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium was thrown by actor Harrison Ford, who played Branch Rickey — the general manager who gave Robinson the opportunity to shatter the color barrier — in the movie “42.”

“Jackie Robinson probably opened the door to a lot of those guys, too — and me,” Dodgers part owner Magic Johnson said before his team’s series opener against the Padres. “If Jackie hadn’t played for the Dodgers, I don’t think I’d be an owner of the Dodgers.”

In Cincinnati, Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins took the wearing of No. 42 a step further, sporting custom-made blue cleats with the number across the heel.

Before his club’s game against the Reds, Rollins tweeted: “66 years ago today Jackie Robinson opened the door for all men to be able to play Major League Baseball! Thank you”.

In Miami, former Brooklyn Dodgers ball boy Norman Berman threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Now 85 years old and a resident of West Palm Beach, Fla., Berman reflected on Robinson’s character during his playing  Josh Hamilton Jersey career.

“He was intelligent — college man,” Berman said. “He played three or four different sports, and he was so great to talk to. He always had a smile on his face when he talked to me. I told him, ‘I wanted to be a ballplayer. I just had to gain some weight.’

“Then we’d have a catch. I’d never go to him when he was playing pepper with the other guys, or if he was talking to somebody — only when he was alone. Sometimes, when he was alone, I’d take the ball and throw it up in the air and catch it. That was my call to him. ‘Could we have a chance now?’ He’d say, ‘Yeah.'”

Josh Hamilton Los Angeles Angels Jersey. Teams with Monday off will honor Robinson on Tuesday with similar celebrations across the country.

On Monday, umpires across baseball also donned No. 42 patches on their sleeves for the occasion, and on each of the bases at home ballparks was a logo commemorating the day.

“We’re wearing the number 42 on the back tonight; a lot of people might not know what it really means,” Blue Jays reliever Darren Oliver said.Josh Hamilton Authentic Jersey.

“But I think a lot of people should … for what he did. How hard it would be to actually be the first black person to play baseball and go through all the stuff that he went through off the field, and on the field.”

Angels second baseman Howie Kendrick echoed Oliver’s sentiment.

“Wearing ’42’ just reminds me that there were no blacks in baseball at one point,” Kendrick said, “and what Jackie Robinson endured — all the threats, all the criticism he received from various sources — to still go out and play the game, give all of us an opportunity to play the game, it was a huge impact on baseball. As a kid, I didn’t really know a whole lot about Jackie Robinson, but the older I got, I really understood because I was really into baseball, and I really understood what he did. Basically, he’s the reason why I’m here.”

Remembering Robinson’s legacy is a daily occurrence for Astros manager Bo Porter, who helped honor Robinson in Oakland, where two local Jackie Robinson Foundation alumnus scholars threw out the ceremonial first pitches. Josh Hamilton Angels Jersey.

“It’s always meaningful when this day comes around,” Porter said. “For me, though, it’s every day. I was able to play, coach and manage baseball because of him. He means a lot to this country, and for me, I honor him every day.”

Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Jackie’s selflessness had profound impact on America

Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Jackie Robinson’s story is of another place and time, another America. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll have trouble comprehending that it really existed. For many, it flickers only in the grainy black-and-white images of a different United States. We were once a nation almost completely separated by race.

Now that time and that place, with all its evil and all its injustice, has burst onto movie screens for mass audiences around the world with the opening of “42,” a movie of beauty and power that will force us to again confront our country’s uncomfortable past.

Thank you, Hollywood. Thank you, director Brian Helgeland. Thank you for telling this story and for introducing Jackie Robinson to another generation of Americans. Thank you for not over-sanitizing it.

On this Jackie Robinson Day around Major League Baseball, its honoree may soon be our country’s most famous athlete, something he never was during 10 seasons with the Brooklyn Dodgers. His life will be discussed, debated and dissected in a way it never has been before, and that’s hugely important because his impact was so profound.

In 1997, under the direction of Commissioner Bud Selig, Robinson’s No. 42 was retired across all of Major League Baseball in an unprecedented tribute.

All the history books and documentaries and ceremonies that have focused on Robinson’s remarkable life won’t bring one-tenth the attention of a big, old-fashioned Hollywood blockbuster. Based on the first wave of reviews, “42” has a chance to be just that.

Be prepared, mom and dad. Your children are going to want to know about Jackie, and if the United States was ever really like that — if people really were brimming with hatred at the idea of a black man playing Major League Baseball.Joey Votto Authentic Jersey.

Parts of “42” will make you uneasy. Still, as David Letterman said the other night, every man, woman and child in this country ought to see it. There’s no way to tell Jackie Robinson’s story honestly without focusing on some of the brutality and cruelty. To lay out all the indignities — the curses and taunts, filthy hotels, death threats — would have taken too long for one movie.

But enough of it is there. Harrison Ford lobbied for the role of Branch Rickey because he loved what the man stood for, and he wanted to help tell the story of how baseball’s color line was broken in 1947.

Sixty-six years later, Jackie represents fairness and equality and basic human decency. He helped change the world, and along the way, he changed some hearts, too. Robinson didn’t change them all, so there’s still work to do. Even as we celebrate his life, he would want us all to be mindful of mountains yet to be climbed.

Know this: We are better because of him. As Martin Luther King, Jr., said, Jackie forced people to see the world in a way they’d never seen it before. Once baseball changed, it became at least a little easier to change schools and restaurants and workplaces and voting booths.Joey Votto Jersey Shirt.

If Rickey had not signed Robinson, who knows when America would have had its first black baseball player, or its second wave of great players. Was there another baseball executive out there with the guts to do it? For that matter, was there another player out there with the resolve to absorb the torture without responding?

If Jackie Robinson hadn’t put on a Brooklyn Dodgers’ uniform in 1947, would we have had Frank Robinson and Willie Mays? How about Roberto Clemente? Robinson opened doors for him, too.

For that matter, how much more difficult would it have been for President Lyndon Johnson to compel Congress to outlaw segregation? Would we have elected a black man to the highest office in the land in 2008 without Jackie Robinson having the courage to do what he did when he did it?

Yes, Americans would have done the right thing at some point, but if Jackie hadn’t arrived in 1947, if he hadn’t been as large a man off the field as on, how would the world look today?

 Joey Votto Baseball Jersey.Major League Baseball has made sure that Jackie has a place on its Mount Rushmore, not just in retiring his No. 42, but in educating players about who he was and what he stood for.

Today, every team will honor Jackie Robinson. Every player will wear his No. 42. Baseball’s message is that his memory must be kept alive and that his contribution to his game and his country must never be forgotten.

Robinson paid an incomprehensible price in the pain he endured and the responsibility he carried. Try to imagine having a job in which you showed up every day not knowing if some random nut would decide to kill you. Try to imagine being constantly reminded that you are a second-class citizen, to be taunted or spat upon or cursed. Oh, and being told to never respond, to turn the other cheek over and over.Joey Votto Replica Jersey.

When he accepted Rickey’s invitation to break the color line in 1947, he understood that there’d be risks. He also understood how much one man could influence the rest of the world.

Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Jackie Robinson would eventually win over most of his teammates with his extraordinary talent and aggressive play. In fact, he probably was accepted as a baseball player before he was accepted as a man.

Once the Dodgers saw he could help them win, they looked at him in a different way. Once they got to know him, they saw that he was pretty much like them. No one will understand all he went through. Certainly, “42” captures some of it. His teammates saw parts of it. Mostly, though, the burden was his alone.

He impacted the world in a way we’re all still trying to understand. Because of him, we’re all better. That’s why Major League Baseball sets this day aside to celebrate a wonderful life and the difference it made. Thank you, Jackie.

Masterful Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Kuroda gets help from Gardner’s bat

Hiroki Kuroda’s arsenal was in top form, inviting the Orioles to pepper the Yankee Stadium infield with ground balls all night, and the right-hander went the distance for a complete-game victory on Sunday.

Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Kuroda scattered just five singles and struck out five in a masterful 113-pitch performance, leading the Yankees to a 3-0 win over the Orioles in the fifth shutout of his Major League career.

“I wasn’t really thinking about that,” Kuroda said through an interpreter. “I was trying to get outs one hitter at a time, and we have a great bullpen, so I didn’t really think about the shutout.”

Brett Gardner clanged a two-run homer off the right-field foul pole to provide the biggest blast of the night, helping the Yankees secure their fifth victory in their last six games.

“It’s just nice to be able to come through in a situation like that,” Gardner said. “Hiro pitched a great game to go the distance like he did. He’s such a professional, he pounds the zone, he gets ahead of hitters and he’s a lot of fun to watch.”

Kuroda erased any lingering concerns about the right finger he bruised in his first start of the season, as he was in command all night, not permitting an Oriole to touch second base until the ninth inning. He allowed just two hits over his last 23 batters faced.
Joey Votto Replica Jersey.
“He was throwing all of his pitches for strikes,” said the Orioles’ Chris Davis, who struck out three times. “It seemed like every time we had a guy up to the plate, he was getting ahead with strike one. He was throwing his offspeed for strikes, mixing his fastball. He was tough to hit tonight.”

Manager Joe Girardi said that Kuroda’s sinker was excellent, as evidenced by the 18 ground-ball outs he induced, and Kuroda agreed that he had been able to throw his sinker with precision to both lefties and righties as he notched his third shutout in a Yankees uniform.

Girardi also lauded Kuroda’s slider and splitter, while catcher Francisco Cervelli deemed Kuroda’s two-seamer “great.”

“When I look at Hiroki, he’s able to read swings, he’s able to change speeds,” Girardi said. “He has pitches that he can freeze hitters on, certain fastballs; he can get them to swing and miss on his split and slider. He has a curveball that he goes to just to get them off balance. I think he really knows how to pitch.”

The shutout was the Yanks’ first in the Bronx without a walk since David Wells’ in April 2003, against the Twins.

The Yankees produced three runs in six innings against Orioles left-hander Wei-Yin Chen, doing all of their scoring in the fifth.Joey Votto Authentic Jersey.

“[Chen] pitched really well,” Orioles manager Buck Showalter said. “There wasn’t much margin for error; we just didn’t do much off Kuroda. There’s not a whole lot else to critique.”

Jayson Nix delivered a sacrifice fly to send home Brennan Boesch from third base with the first run off Chen, who then served up a fat pitch to Gardner that the speedster dinged for his second homer of the season.Joey Votto Baseball Jersey.

“Every game is important, but especially against teams in your division,” Gardner said. “The Orioles are a team that played us real tough last year, they’ve got a good team again this year, and it’s going to be a battle all the way to the end. We were fortunate to win this series.”

The homer was Gardner’s first off a left-hander since July 3, 2010, when he homered off Ricky Romero of the Blue Jays.

With Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Kuroda cruising, the only late drama seemed to be if he would have the chance to put the finishing touches on his gem.

“The three-run cushion was crucial. Chen on the Orioles side, he was pitching well, too, so that three-run lead really helped,” Kuroda said. “It was a three-run game, and the Orioles have a great lineup, so I tried to be focused throughout the game.”

Robinson Cano made an excellent barehanded turn of a double play to get Kuroda out of the eighth inning,  and Girardi said there was no question in his mind about sending Kuroda back out for the ninth.

With Mariano Rivera and Boone Logan warming up in the bullpen just in case, Kuroda pitched around a Nix error to finish the game with a strikeout of Davis.Joey Votto Jersey Shirt.

“He’s fun to catch, that guy,” Cervelli said. “It’s great, because he’s able to throw every pitch whenever he wants, whatever place he wants. He has a plan for everybody. It’s amazing.”

Cubs Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey, city complete deal for Wrigley renovations

The Cubs and the city of Chicago have reached an agreement on a $500 million renovation plan for Wrigley Field that includes the addition of a video scoreboard in left field, more night games and improvements to the Wrigleyville community.

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts was to meet with the media at 11 a.m. CT Monday to discuss the proposal.

“We are excited about moving forward with the approval process,” Ricketts said. “Under the leadership of Mayor [Rahm] Emanuel and [Ald. Tom Tunney, 44th Ward], we believe the Cubs proposal will help us invest in Wrigley Field and the Lakeview community. We are anxious to work with our community as we seek the approvals required to move the project forward.”

No public dollars will be needed for the Wrigley Field renovation project. If approved, the Cubs say the proposal would create 2,100 new jobs and generate hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax revenue for the city, state and county. Included are 800 construction jobs and 1,300 permanent jobs, and it would be among the biggest investments currently under way in the city of Chicago.Joey Votto Replica Jersey.

All designs and construction are subject to a planned development process. The Cubs say community participation and input to this point has been helpful regarding night games, ballpark design, a plaza and hotel. There will be public hearings on the proposal.

According to the Cubs, the rooftop views from houses beyond the outfield will be largely preserved. The Cubs have agreed to install only two signs in the outfield — a video scoreboard in left field and a sign in right field. That is far less than the team’s original desire for seven signs to help offset the cost of ballpark restoration. Signs will be placed in a manner to limit the impact on viewing from the rooftops.

According to the proposal, the Cubs can play up to 40 night games, an increase from the current 30. If the Cubs are required by Major League Baseball or its national television contracts to play more than five home night games on national television, those games will be authorized by a special ordinance and will not count against the 40-game limit or require additional cost to the Cubs. Joey Votto Baseball Jersey.

That does not include playoffs, the All-Star Game, events outside the baseball season, events at which fewer than 15,000 people are expected to attend, games rescheduled because of weather or other causes, or other events excluded under the current ordinance, which will be allowed as well. No Saturday or Sunday night games will be played unless MLB schedules them for national TV purposes.

There is a special ordinance for concerts (a maximum of four), with no additional cost to the Cubs. Those will not count as night games and are permitted on weekends. Anything beyond four concerts will count as a night game.

The Cubs Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey also will be able to play six Friday games that start at 3:05 p.m. CT. Currently, they are not able to play any at that time, which makes it difficult for the team when it returns from road trips.

Under the plan, the Cubs will have the flexibility to schedule smaller events in-season and to schedule offseason events at Wrigley Field without sacrificing night games or incurring additional cost.

The Cubs want to install a 6,000-square-foot video board in left field, and the team will choose the location with the goal of it having minimal impact on the rooftops, which surround the ballpark, and with whom the Cubs have an agreement. The video board may be further cantilevered over the public street to help further minimize its impact on the rooftops.

There also will be one sign in right field of 1,000 square feet in the style of the existing Toyota sign currently in left field. The Cubs will choose the location with the goal to again have minimal impact on the rooftops.Joey Votto Jersey Shirt.

The city of Chicago has agreed to vacate the sidewalk and one street lane on Waveland Avenue, from Sheffield to Clark, at no cost to the Cubs. That will be incorporated into the ballpark, subject to a requirement to maintain eight feet of sidewalk. The city also will vacate the sidewalk on Sheffield Avenue (from Addison to Waveland), at no cost to the Cubs, which will be incorporated into the ballpark, subject to a requirement to maintain eight feet of sidewalk.

The Cubs will add a new 14,000-square-foot, two-story Captain Morgan Club on Addison Street with a merchandise store and space for a visitors’ clubhouse, to replace an existing street-level restaurant.

New additions to the ballpark in the left-field and right-field corners will allow more flexible space for fans, including connection points to bleachers and grandstands at the height of the current bleachers. The right-field addition will also include a ground-floor restaurant, an expanded version of the Sheffield Grill, that will open onto Sheffield Avenue.Joey Votto Authentic Jersey.

The Cubs Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey also will be able to use Sheffield Avenue for weekend home games between Memorial Day and Labor Day beginning two hours before the games and ending at the end of the second inning.

The plan includes the following community benefits:

A $1 million commitment to fund a new park and playlot at 1230 W. School.

$3.75 million donated by the Cubs for community infrastructure and amenities ($500,000 per year from 2014-18 and $250,000 per year from 2019-23).

A $500 million investment to create jobs, improve the community appearance, enhance the neighborhood and upgrade undeveloped, underutilized and unattractive existing space.

An open-air plaza outside the ballpark with the ability to continue hosting an ice rink in the winter and add farmers’ markets in the summer, free family activities and other community events.

A premium hotel, in partnership with Starwood, that will include 175 rooms, plus a 40,000-square-foot health club with retail and food and beverage options for fans and for the community throughout the year.

Free remote parking, replacing the current $6 remote parking fee. The team is exploring other parking solutions, including the ability to allow fans to access unused parking garages in the vicinity of Wrigley Field.

Additional parking, including 100 new spaces in the Cubs-owned parking lot on Eddy Street and 75 below-ground spaces in the new hotel.

A commitment to work with the Chicago Police Department and its special police detail unit to place additional officers on duty during Cubs events on Thursday to Sunday nights. The city, the Cubs and local businesses will work together with a goal of having 30 on- and off-duty officers to deter inappropriate behavior after games.

A comprehensive traffic study to address new opportunities to reduce traffic congestion during Wrigley Field events.

Continue the relationship with the Lakeview community, which included donations from Chicago Cubs Charities of $323,000 to Lakeview in 2012. Since 2000, the Cubs have supported more than $2.3 million in grants directly to organizations serving Lakeview.

Buchholz Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey flirts with history as Sox blank Rays

Clay Buchholz’s hair is much longer now, his beard fully grown in with shaggy hairs wrapping around his face.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia replaced Jason Varitek behind the plate. John Farrell replaced Terry Francona in the dugout. John Tumpane replaced Joe West as the home-plate umpire.

And Buchholz nearly made history again.Joey Votto Authentic Jersey.

The 28-year-old carried a no-hitter into the eighth inning of the Red Sox’s 5-0 win over the Rays on Sunday, coming six outs short of joining a list of 27 pitchers who have thrown multiple no-hitters in their career.

“It’s fun to go out and pitch when you have all your pitches working,” Buchholz said. “It doesn’t happen every day. Probably five times a season for a starting pitcher.”

Buchholz Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey weaved his way through the struggling Rays lineup, which entered Sunday with fewer hits this season (70) than any other team in the American League. He picked his corners, perhaps nibbling a little too much at times as he walked four batters in the outing, but he wouldn’t allow hard contact.

The first five innings went by like a swift breeze. Buchholz needed just 68 pitches, as nine of the first 15 batters were retired via the strikeout.

Then it hit him. He looked to the scoreboard after the fifth — about the same time he realized what was going on during his first no-hitter more than five years ago. But the dugout didn’t present the traditional baseball scene, with the untouchable pitcher segregated to the far half of the bench.

Mike Napoli sat next to Buchholz between innings and played the role of conversationalist, while Buchholz played the role of a DJ.

“I didn’t feel as outcasted as usually seems to happen,” Buchholz said.

Joey Votto Jersey Shirt.Saltalamacchia was far more nervous.

“I was sitting in my same spot, I didn’t want to do anything,” the catcher said. “My shirt was untucked for seven straight innings.

As the game progressed, innings felt longer to Buchholz. He was at 90 pitches after seven and returned for the eighth to face Kelly Johnson, who Buchholz and Saltalamacchia had planned on pitching differently than anyone else in the Rays’ lineup.

Traditionally a good fastball hitter, scouting reports suggested pitching Johnson offspeed. As it is, Johnson has seen an astonishing amount of curveballs and sliders this season — about one out of every three pitches, which is about five percent more often than any other year — and Johnson has struggled to keep his batting average above .200.

So for the first time all afternoon, Buchholz threw back-to-back curveballs. The first one dropped in for a strike. The second one wasn’t supposed to.

“It basically was supposed to be a purpose pitch, fall right on top of the plate and see if we could get a swing,” Buchholz said. “I didn’t quite get it there, and he was able to put the bat on it. It’s just one of those things.” Joey Votto Baseball Jersey.

Johnson’s bat shattered on contact, and the ball fell into shallow right field as the 35,198 in attendance at Fenway Park gave Buchholz a standing ovation.

“He threw me two breaking balls; I really was not expecting that,” Johnson said. “But I was in a good enough position the second time around to at least make some contact, even if it was a broken bat, obviously.”

Had Buchholz gotten through the eighth without allowing a hit, it would’ve left Farrell in a tough spot with his starter’s pitch count.

“This early in the season, you get into those 120s, you’re starting to push it pretty good,” Farrell said.

Reliever Clay Mortensen said no one in the bullpen had been warming until the no-hitter was broken up. The relievers thought Buchholz was going to do it.

“We only get up when skip calls us down and tells us to get up,” said Mortensen.Joey Votto Replica Jersey.

Joining former Red Sox pitcher Justin Masterson as the only other Major Leaguer at 3-0, Buchholz hurled eight shutout innings, allowing two hits and four walks while striking out 11, a career high. He threw 109 pitches, 69 for strikes.

Buchholz Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey has come a long way since Sept. 1, 2007, when he was still a clean-shaven rookie. At 23 and making just his second career Major League appearance, his career was full of promise then.

“Even last year when you look beyond the numbers, after start No. 6, I believe, he reeled off about 18 in a row that were very consistent,” said Farrell, who didn’t ring the bullpen until Buchholz finally allowed a hit in the eighth inning. “Back in 2010, he had an ERA in the low twos. He’s very capable of what we’re seeing right now.”

The Red Sox took the pressure off Buchholz early when Jacoby Ellsbury, Shane Victorino and Dustin Pedroia connected on three consecutive singles, and Napoli launched a shot that fell about a foot away from the 420-sign in deep center field, resulting in a two-run double.

After win No. 200, Doc sees more to accomplish Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey

Roy Halladay smiled widely as Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins offered their congratulations and presented him a big bottle of champagne inside the visitors’ clubhouse Sunday afternoon at Marlins Park.

He had just won the 200th game of his storied career.

“I’d rather win a World Series,” he reminded his teammates following the 2-1 victory.

They applauded him, officially ending a day that was long anticipated.

“They root for him,” manager Charlie Manuel said. “He carries a lot of respect. They know how dedicated and how hard he works.”

Halladay’s Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey troubles since last season have been analyzed and dissected by everybody inside and outside baseball. He battled injuries last year, he struggled in Spring Training and he got hit hard in his first two starts of the season. And despite public affirmations from the Phillies that everything was just fine, there had been a very real unease about Halladay’s ability to pitch successfully.

But after struggling to throw strikes in the first couple of innings Sunday, he settled, found the strike zone and attacked. He threw just 87 pitches after going through 95 pitches in just 3 1/3 innings against the Braves on April 3 and 99 pitches in just four-plus innings Monday against the Mets. Joey Votto Replica Jersey.

“I had been putting a lot of pressure on myself,” acknowledged Halladay, who allowed five hits, one run and a walk with two strikeouts in eight innings. “My plan the whole week was to worry about the game and not worry about what was going on internally. I felt like that made a big difference. Things are going to happen, hits are going to happen, and guys are going to get on base, but most importantly, I have to stay with my plan.

“I can’t get caught up in things going on around me. I think in the past I’ve tried to really control too much and do too much and worry about too much. I felt like today that plan was simpler: execute pitches one at a time and not worry about what’s going on. And that made it good.”

How good was Doc? He threw first-pitch strikes to just one of the first seven batters he faced, but he found the strike zone in the third inning and attacked from there. He retired 10 consecutive batters when Marlins right fielder Justin Ruggiano singled to right field with one out in the seventh. Halladay walked Rob Brantly on five pitches, and Chris Valaika followed with a single to left to score Ruggiano to tie the game, 1-1.

It must be mentioned that the Marlins have scored just 20 runs in 12 games and were without slugger Giancarlo Stanton, who is their only legitimate offensive threat.

Halladay will face a much tougher test Friday against the Cardinals at Citizens Bank Park.

Joey Votto Baseball Jersey.But Halladay said he believed the successes and strides he made Sunday could translate into success against other teams.

“The biggest thing is to throw strikes early in the count, get ahead, mix pitches and throw them for strikes,” Halladay said. “That’s something I hadn’t done against any of the other two teams. You’re right, they haven’t scored as many runs, and Stanton isn’t in there offensively; they haven’t been as good. But I feel like if I can make pitches confidently, and make them early in the count, I feel like I can be successful.”

Time will tell, but Halladay Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey looked better this day.

“He can pitch,” Marlins manager Mike Redmond said. “Everybody was talking about his numbers. I was like, ‘Hey, this guy is a professional; he knows how to pitch.’ He understands the game. Nobody is more prepared than him. His velocity might have been down a few ticks, but when he needed to make pitches, he made pitches. You saw how efficient he was with his pitches.”

He needed to be. The Phillies’ offense vanished during the series, mustering just six runs in 28 innings against the 2-10 Marlins. They hit just .200 (6-for-30) with runners in scoring position and stranded 27 runners on base.

The Phillies entered the ninth inning tied when Laynce Nix hit a pinch-hit home run to right field against Marlins right-hander Jon Rauch to give the Phillies a one-run lead.

“That’s really cool for me to be a part of that,” said Nix, referring to Halladay’s 200th win. “I’ve been on lots of losses when I’ve faced Doc. It’s good to be on a positive side in one of these wins. This guy has been great his whole career, and it’s really cool to be a part of that. … Just looking at the way the ball was coming out of his hand early in the game, he looked great. He really did pitch a good game. He made most of his pitches. I thought he looked awesome. That’s just good to see.”

Halladay talked a lot afterward about simplifying things. He believes he can keep things simple in future starts. It would be a huge lift for the Phillies, who are 6-6. They need a good Halladay to keep pace with the Braves (11-1) and Nationals (7-5) in the National League East.

“There are a lot of things you can’t control,” Halladay said. “And for some reason I felt like I had to control those things. I’ve never been that way, and for some reason coming in I felt like I had to prove that I was healthy. I had to prove that I was effective. There were a lot of things that I had no control over but were getting in the way of going out and making pitches.Joey Votto Authentic Jersey.

“Really, my focus this whole week was, what’s my job? How can I help us? How can I do my job effectively and not get caught up with everything else going on?”

Halladay was asked if he felt like he needed to go into a back room in the clubhouse and yell once Jonathan Papelbon recorded the final out in the ninth to preserve the win.

No, he chuckled.Joey Votto Jersey Shirt.

“I want to win a World Series, and that’s why I’m here,” he said. “That’s why I want to play. The personal milestones are great. My wife, my family — they are all excited about it. But the ultimate goal is to get to the playoffs and win a World Series, and when that happens, I’m going to go in the back room and yell.”

Braves Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey dominate Nats as win streak hits nine

As the Braves rolled through the first week-plus of this season, manager Fredi Gonzalez regularly said that his team had not yet clicked on all cylinders.

While that might have been true, such was not the case on Sunday afternoon as the Braves assumed the appearance of a powerful juggernaut and completed a three-game road sweep of the Nationals with a convincing 9-0 win.

“It was good to make a statement early,” Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons said. “Let them know we’re going to be tough to beat. That was a great win for us.”

Simmons’ three-run home run capped a four-run third inning against Gio Gonzalez and served as the crushing blow for the Braves, who have won nine consecutive games for the first time since 2010. Through this successful run, they have served notice that they are more than capable of preventing the Nationals from capturing a second consecutive National League East title.

“I don’t think they took us by surprise at all,” Nationals center fielder Denard Span said. “We knew they were a good team coming in here, but they came in and gave us a good old-fashioned kick in the butt.”

After taking advantage of some costly mistakes in the first two games of this series, the Braves Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey improved to a Major League-best 11-1 with some assistance from some of their struggling stars, who showed some signs of life during this series finale.

Sure, there were more contributions from Justin Upton, who hit his seventh home run, and Paul Maholm, who ran his consecutive scoreless-innings streak to 20 1/3 innings by limiting the Nationals to four hits in 7 2/3 innings.

But the most encouraging development during this series finale might have come courtesy of B.J. Upton’s first three-hit game since he signed a franchise-record five-year, $75.25 million contract in November. The veteran center fielder, who entered the game with a .105 (4-for-38) batting average, notched two doubles and a single.Joey Votto Authentic Jersey. 

“I’ve just been making adjustments,” B.J. Upton said after raising his batting average to .163. “I’ve been working hard every day with [hitting coach] Greg Walker. I’m just trying to get things going in the right direction. Today is a start. We’ve got to just build off of that.”

The Braves are hoping this blowout victory also provided a spark to Simmons, who entered the game with a .200 batting average (7-for-35) and Jason Heyward, whose sixth-inning RBI double snapped a 1-for-31 slump that had extended back to the second game of the season.

“The best is yet to come, I feel, for the offense,” Heyward said. “It’s a long season. We’ll go through slumps. We’re just trying to keep it simple and not try to do too much.”

This series finale began in auspicious fashion as B.J. Upton hit Nationals starter Gio Gonzalez’s first pitch of the game into the left-field corner to account for the first of his two doubles. His only previous extra-base hit through the season’s first 11 games was his game-tying home run in the ninth inning of a thrilling win against the Cubs on April 6.Joey Votto Jersey Shirt.

“It’s important to get off to a fast start, especially against those guys,” B.J. Upton said. “They’re a very good ballclub, and the goal is to pretty much not let Gio get settled in. If he can get settled in, he can be pretty darn good.”

Evan Gattis scored B.J. Upton with a double, and Chris Johnson capped a three-run first inning with a two-run single. Johnson, who has been playing first base in place of the injured Freddie Freeman, finished the afternoon with four hits and batted .481 (13-for-27) during the Braves’ perfect six-game road trip.

The Braves Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey continued their assault against Gonzalez during a four-run third inning that began with Justin Upton’s home run over the right-center-field wall. The veteran left fielder’s opposite-field shot served as his first home run in 18 at-bats. He had not gone more than six at-bats between any of his first six homers of the season.

Simmons’ first home run of the season added to the fourth-inning uprising and increased the frustration felt by Gonzalez, who allowed seven earned runs and seven hits in just five innings.Joey Votto Baseball Jersey.

“I still don’t think they’re better than us,” Nationals second baseman Danny Espinosa said. “They’re hot right now, they’ve come back on people. They’re playing well. It doesn’t last forever. So I’m not worried about it.”

While the Braves could benefit from some more consistency on the offensive end, they certainly have little reason to complain about their pitching staff, which has compiled Major League-best 1.81 ERA. After grabbing a 4-0 lead in the first two innings of Friday’s series opener, the Nationals scored just one more run in the final 26 innings of this series.

Maholm did not allow an earned run in the last 24 2/3 innings he completed during Spring Training and now has not allowed a run in his first three starts of the season. He limited the Nationals to two hits through Sunday’s first seven innings and then handed the ball to Luis Avilan, who escaped a bases-loaded jam in the eighth inning.Joey Votto Replica Jersey.

The Braves have gained consistent contributions from their starting rotation and their relievers, who have stranded each of the 14 runners they have inherited this year.

Despite the early struggles endured by Heyward, B.J. Upton and Dan Uggla, the Braves have scored at least six runs in half of their first 12 games. But there is still a sense that the offense is capable of being even better than it has been.

“It’s something I think we’ve all been waiting for all year,” B.J. Upton said. “Obviously it’s still early. But it’s definitely good to see signs of it. We’re going to keep grinding it out, working hard and taking it game by game.”

Cubs Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey throw record five wild pitches in single inning

Joey Votto Replica Jersey.

Cubs Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey starter Edwin Jackson struggled with his command during the sixth inning of Sunday’s 10-7, 10-inning loss to the Giants, and when manager Dale Sveum called to the bullpen, his replacement, right-handed reliever Michael Bowden, didn’t fare much better as he and Jackson combined to set a Major League record for most wild pitches in an inning of a regular-season game with five.

Jackson struck out nine in 5 1/3 innings and held the Giants scoreless through the first five innings but threw two wild pitches in the sixth, the second of which accounted for San Francisco’s third run of the game. Jackson gave up five runs (four earned) on five hits and walked four in a no-decision.

Joey Votto Baseball Jersey.

Bowden threw three wild pitches, walked a batter and gave up one hit, but he managed to work his way out of a jam, getting two outs to escape the inning.

Joey Votto Jersey Shirt.

Chicago’s five wild pitches in the inning topped the previous regular-season record of four, which happened seven times, most recently by the Mariners on Aug. 17, 2008.

The only other time a club threw five wild pitches in an inning occurred in the 2000 postseason, when Rick Ankiel of the Cardinals threw all five while pitching in Game 1 of the National League Division Series against the Braves.

Joey Votto Authentic Jersey.

“It’s inexcusable to let your team down like that when you self-implode in an inning like that and not make an adjustment to regain control of your pitches,” Jackson Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey said. “I let a flaw pretty much detonate the inning and ruin the game.”

Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Rays: Hellickson facing extra rest, early start

Hellickson will take the mound after a postponed game forced the Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Rays to shuffle their rotation, giving him an extra day of rest. He’ll also have to deal with the unusual 11:05 a.m. ET first pitch by waking up around 7 a.m. — not something that falls in line with the late sleeper’s schedule.

 Joey Votto Baseball Jersey.

“I don’t know what else I can do,” Hellickson said. “I think Spring Training and these last few days probably helped a little bit. Luckily I’m still kind of on the Spring Training schedule. But it’s going to be early. … Everybody says it looks like I’m sleeping out there anyway.”

Hellickson will enter Monday’s game with an 0-1 record and a 6.35 ERA after two starts, though he feels he’s pitched at least somewhat better than those numbers indicate, particularly in his first start. Between that and the long wait between starts, Hellickson will be raring to go Monday no matter what time the game starts.

“I definitely am,” Hellickson said. “I had an extra day this time and just ready to get back out there.”Joey Votto Replica Jersey.

 Joel Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds Jersey Hanrahan has been dealing with a sore right hamstring since April 3, and Farrell said the closer will be evaluated day to day. As long as Hanrahan is unavailable, the Sox will call on Andrew Bailey in the closer’s role. Farrell didn’t know Sunday if the injury is serious enough to put Hanrahan on the disabled list.

Joey Votto Authentic Jersey.

“Right now, we’re hopeful that’s not the case,” Farrell said. “That’s not to speculate that it would. Our starters working deep in the game will have some effect on that. As we mentioned to Joel, we’ll put our heads together and map out what’s best for all involved.”

Farrell inserted Daniel Nava into Sunday’s lineup between Mike Napoli and Will Middlebrooks, separating the two powerful, albeit strikeout-prone, hitters for the first time.

 Joey Votto Jersey Shirt.

“It breaks the two righties up, for one. Recognizing that there’s been some strikeout totals with that threesome, including Salty [Jarrod Saltalamachia], that’s why you see [Stephen] Drew in the middle of Middlebrooks and Salty today,” Farrell said before Sunday’s game. “Just trying to spread some things out.”